Green Coffee Ultra – Dietitian Review

By | Sep 5

I Love Talking About Green Coffee Ultra

DietitianI am one of Green Coffee Extracts biggest fans when it comes to weight loss supplements. I am always careful and even a little skeptical about green coffee extract products out there. Some can be made in less than quality conditions and may even contain fillers and added ingredients. But there are some products that are top rate in the Green Coffee Extract market. I teach my clients how to find the best products with the best value and proven effectiveness.

People are always looking for the “secret” to weight loss. I try to realistically tell them that there is no one “secret” but rather a combination of changes to increase weight loss. I also recommend my clients add a weight loss supplement that is all-natural and safe. To me, Green Coffee Extract is really close to that “secret” ingredient for weight loss. Let me explain why.

 Green Coffee Extract Is Very Effective If Formulated Correctly

Pure Green Coffee ExtractTo be a quality Green Coffee Extract supplement, it needs to be made a certain way. This will ensure the supplement is completely effective. Green Coffee Extract must be 100% Pure and not contain any added fillers or binders. There are products out there that are inferior and mix Green Coffee Extract with other ingredients. Some of them are even intended to be helpful, but in reality they cancel out the benefits of the active compound, Chlorogenic Acid.

Quality products need to contain a form of Chlorogenic Acid called GCA®. Green Coffee Extract should contain at least 50% GCA® to be effective for weight loss. It should also be enclosed in a vegetarian capsule for proper digestion and absorption. This matches what was used in the clinical trials that caused the subjects to lose up to 16% of their body fat.

Green Coffee Ultra Meets All The Clinical Recommendations

Green Coffee UltraGreen Coffee Ultra has probably the most impressive and complete website to date for Green Coffee Extract Supplements. There are links to learn about how Green Coffee Extract works in the body, how to find a quality supplement, their processing standards, easy one click ordering and how to reach customer service. No hidden agendas here.

Green Coffee Ultra contains (GCA®) which is the recommended 50% Chlorogenic acid needed to produce weight loss.  The product is 100% Pure Green Coffee Extract with no added fillers or binders in a vegetarian capsule. This was what I needed to start my journey to lose weight. This is a good quality product and a manufacturer that stands behind it with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. That was all the peace of mind I needed to place my order with them. If it doesn’t work my clients can return it for a full refund!

Increased Compliance Means Increased Results

Green CoffeeThis dosing regimen is easy for my clients to remember. They only need to remember to take three 400mg Capsules every day. No starvation dieting, no excess hunger and they can carry on with their lives while losing weight.

Green Coffee Ultra puts consumer safety at the top of the list and complies with some strict rules for their laboratory to be an FDA Registered Facility. They also conform to the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and the US Pharmacopeia. There are no reports of adverse effects either. Most people don’t even know they are taking a weight loss supplement.

Green Coffee Ultra Is My New Favorite Weight Loss Supplement

When I talk to my clients about weight loss supplements, I get really excited to tell them about Green Coffee Ultra. The formula is top rated and they won the claim to fame with their high quality standards. This product is truly made with the consumer in mind and not their wallets.

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